Lunaria One: Going beyond Earth for a Sustainable Future
Sustainable Futures with Lunaria One

Growing plants on the Moon whilst developing sustainable solutions here on Earth.


Our first mission is an experiment on the moon asking a simple question: can plants grow on the moon?


We will create materials to engage school students in the science and engineering aspects of our projects.


Space exploration involves all of us. We are passionate about bringing the public and citizen scientists with us on our journey of discovery.

Humanity's contribution to a sustainable space

Building on humanity's instinct to explore and leveraging Australia's unique capabilities, Lunaria One aims to boost sustainable activities in space.

Our diverse team draws on expertise in biology, engineering, psychology and education, to create a vision for the future with a plan to realise it. Learn more about who we are here.

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Growing in Space

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In space, doing things sustainably is a necessity, due to restrictions to power, light and resources. It is therefore the ideal testing ground for developing innovative and practical strategies for generating sustainable practices here on Earth.

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As a first step, we are setting our sights on the moon, where we are developing experiments to test the ability of plants to grow on this harsh surface, with limited space, energy and water.

You can find more details on this project here.

Public Participation

Whilst our goals are primarily scientific, our motivation is to see these goals shared by humanity. We are thus committed to opening our data and the scientific process itself to citizens of the world, particularly younger generations. We will actively seek participation in experiments and decisions about the details of our projects from individuals across our planet, so that we can take our collective intelligence to the moon and beyond.

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